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Hello Everyone :) My name is Stacy Morin, I am one of the K-2 Special Education teachers at Skillin School. This is my second year at Skillin. Some of you may remember me from the K-2 literacy program. I was hired on as a teacher (with great excitement) after this school year began.

Since I was little I wanted to teach or be a veterinarian, but the surgery I observed on a veterinarian job shadow visit did not fair so well on the stomach. So, teaching was the winning profession.

I went to U.S.M. and received a BA in Sociology with a minor in education. In 2000 I returned to U.S.M. for a one year graduate program (ETEP). I received a Masters in special education and certification in regular education.

I have held many educatioanl positions such as: title one, educational technician, intern, substitute, tutor, and teacher. I have taught special education in a self-contained, resource and ABA setting within the Portland and Scarborough school districts. Each summer I have worked in the district's extended year services. I just can't get enough time with the children.

I was recently married in May 2007. My husband and I own a house locally. Currently our "children" are of the fish and cat species. They are great though! I love collecting shells at the ocean or walking in the woods. My first niece was born last December. making me a proud auntie.

I look forward to the adventures ahead with teaching and family.